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The Saskatchewan Mining industry produces many different types of useful ore and minerals.


Potash is an important mineral to Saskatchewan and the world. The mineral's name refers to several forms of potassium salt, the most important being potassium chloride or KCL. It is one of the world's three important fertilizers. Used in combination with nitrogen and phosphate, potash increases the yields of such important crops as corn, soybeans, coffee, and rice.

Potash plays a central role in helping feed the world's growing population. Approximately 95% of world potash production is used as fertilizer, the rest being used in a variety of chemical and manufactured products.

The important role played by potash in meeting agriculture's needs has helped make it an increasingly important mineral to Saskatchewan's economy. Revenue from the sale of potash benefits the province in many ways. It supports potash workers and their families through the payment of wages and benefits. It provides an ongoing stimulus to local businesses from the industry's purchases of goods and services. Finally, it helps to support important government social and economic programs through the payment of taxes and royalties.

Sylvite (potash) was proclaimed Saskatchewan's Mineral Emblem in 1996.


Saskatchewan is a world leader in uranium production. The uranium industry provides many jobs and promotes investment and economic development in the province. The industry provides all of these benefits in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and is held accountable for its performance. Regular internal and external audits on the environment and safety of operations are ongoing and thousands of samples of air, water and vegetation samples are taken annually. These samples demonstrate, and the government regulatory agencies agree, that the industry is protecting the environment.

Cameco Corporation and Orano Canada are the two uranium producers in Saskatchewan, producing all of Canada's uranium.

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  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Diamonds
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  • Kaolin
  • Lithium
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