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Potash Kits:

The Saskatchewan Mining Association has developed a series of potash lesson plans (see lesson plans by resource or by grade) and an accompanying potash rock kit that correlates with the Grade 4 Rocks, Minerals and Erosion; Grade 7 Mixtures and Solutions; Grade 7 Earth’s Crust and Resources; Chemistry 30 Solubility and Solutions units; Practical and Applied Arts Energy and Mines 10, 20, 30 Modules 23 and 24, Earth Science 30 and can also be used in Physical Science 20.

The kit includes a hand sample of potash for the teacher, samples to be used by student groups, and 75 grams (0.25 cups) of potash muriate or granular potash. We are taking orders for the 2022-2023 school year. Please contact your School Division Science Consultant to place your order, or complete This Form . Kits to be distributed in early fall through your division.   Questions? Email to education@saskmining.ca to find out more about how to obtain a kit for your classroom.

Check out our new Potash Kit videos:    SMA Potash Kit Unboxing, Potash Introductory Lesson Plans, Potash Solution Mining Lesson 1 Dissolving Potash


We Do Workshops!

Workshops related to the use of these kits can be arranged.  The workshop is  1.5 hours long and can be held after school.  We would prefer a minimum of 8 teachers with a maximum of 30.  Workshops are free as are the resources.   If you would like to attend a workshop and there isn’t one being held in your school division please contact us at education@saskmining.ca  to see if there will be one held nearby.