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Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) is an industry-driven organization representing the mining and mineral exploration industry with over 25 mining operations in the province.

SMA is the voice of the mining industry in Saskatchewan.  SMA advocates on behalf of members on issues related to provincial and federal regulatory changes, develops and supports educational outreach programs, organizes and hosts public outreach and membership events.


Saskatchewan will be recognized as a global mining leader.


Advance a safe, sustainable and globally competitive exploration and mining industry in Saskatchewan that benefits all residents of the province. 


  • Safety focused
  • Collaborative
  • Informed
  • Environmentally, socially and economically sustainable

Role of the SMA:

  • The SMA represents the mining industry with Government agencies, both Provincial and Federal, to ensure safe, responsible and sustainable mineral resource development in Saskatchewan.
  • We engage the public by developing information programs that increase our collective knowledge of the important role mining has in our province, and all of Canada.
  • We work with members to encourage, organize and coordinate study of and research into a wide range of topics, including the health, safety, and environmental impact of responsible mineral development, and our relationship with other industries and the economy.

Our Goals:

  • Increase global competitiveness of the Saskatchewan mining (and exploration) sector
  • Advance Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Framework that instills Certainty/Confidence
  • Be recognized as a sustainable, and valued essential sector (safety, environment, social, innovative - ESG)
  • Strenthen Diversity and Inclusion in the Sector
  • Organizational effectiveness

The Saskatchewan Mining Association works and gathers across Treaty Territories 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 and the Homeland of the Métis. We affirm our commitment to respectful relations and dialogue on this land.

The SMA also works closely with our provincial counterpart associations, with the Mining Association of Canada, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and the Mining Industry Human Resources Council. Our commitment to ongoing research and education connects us with colleges, universities and research organizations.